Volunteer Application Form

Do you want to volunteer?

“A person who, motivated by the values of participation and solidarity, donates his time, work and talent, in a spontaneous and unpaid way, to causes of social and community good”.

Why I want to volunteer?

What do I hope to give and receive by volunteering?

How much time do I have?

What level of responsibility am I willing to take?

Being a volunteer is a way of exercising citizenship by participating actively in an organized way in society.

The volunteer is a complementary element in a team: the organizations must have paid staff to accomplish the goals they are proposing, and the Volunteer should not replace these jobs.

The volunteer is always an element of complementarity.


Be realistic in the time you offer, it is better to start short periods  and increase those later than the other way round.

To choose a job that really pleases you

To be given a specific and well defined task

To get to know the CCPC well as possible

To receive ongoing task-related training

To make regular assessments of your performance

To know the goals of the project in which you are involved

To be heard

To be recognized for your work

Free Help
Recognize and respect the dignity of users
Keep secrecy about the issues.

To know and be aligned with the  CCPC mission.

To be sincere and truthful in the offer of your work and believe in the value of the work that you are going to do.

To be responsible for fulfilling commitments you have made.

To maintain the dignity and integrity of the CCPC.

To comply with the rules proposed to you.

To seek information and guidance as soon as doubts arise.

To respect the organization without using it for your own purposes.

To know how to listen to respect other volunteers and professionals with whom you work.

To undertake the training given by the organization.

To not make decisions regarding tasks without the knowledge of your supervisor.

To respect their dignity and freedom.

To encourage teamwork.

To facilitate the integration, training and participation of others.

To promote the bonds of friendship.

To be truthful and sincere.


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Natércia Martins

For more information, contact Natércia Martins.

Phone: 214 578 952
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