Giving support to homeless people suffering from substance addiction or not, while also promoting the principle of human dignity and motivating users to seek help via projects and measures implemented within the council and the country.

It seeks to create risk-reduction strategies and develop personal and social skills in order to facilitate homeless people social inclusion.


Health – Scheduling medical appointments and examinations as well as accompanying the individuals to these engagements; providing information regarding risk behaviour.

Promotion of self-esteem – Access to hygiene routines.

Emotional Support – Listening, talking, participating in joint activities, feeling accepted, dealing with sickness and death respectfully and providing comfort.

Social Support – Personal assistance, situation diagnosis, reestablishment of family bonds, nutrition, referring clients to the services acting in this field.

Institutional Support – Promoting partnerships to enhance synergies for the joint definition of collaborative strategies and ways of addressing this problem.

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Carcavelos e Parede – Filipe Silva – 969 652 059
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Cascais e Estoril – 214 815 252
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Filipe Silva

Filipe Silva

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