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Brisa has supported the Community Center both financially and through the volunteer work of its employees.

This partnership has been very important for the functioning of the institution.

Logo Jose de Mello

Grupo José de Mello

The partnership with the José de Mello group translates into the volunteering of its employees through a volunteer program. This partnership has been very positive.

Logo Rotary Parede Carcavelos

Rotary Club Parede- Carcavelos

The support of the Rotary Club Parede-Carcavelos translates into several levels: scholarships for students with economic difficulties, equipment for day care and the mentoring of the application of LEAN Methodology to the operation of the Community Center and timely financial support.

Logo Balcão Único

Solicitador – António Pereira

The support of the solicitor’s office – António Pereira, supports the Community Center of the Carcavelos Parish, through volunteering in the area of legal support.

It also supports the project, Neighbors with Soul, becoming a collection point in the São Miguel das Encostas neighborhood.

Rua Santa Clara Nº 5, R / C
Bairro São Miguel das Escostas
2775-737 Carcavelos

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Centro Comunitário da Paróquia de Carcavelos

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