Psychological and/or development assessment
Psycho educational consultation and counselling – Psychological consultations will address situations of emotional fragility, the promotion of personal and social skills or the stimulation of cognitive skills.

Psycho educational counselling – The area of psychopedagogy will address learning difficulties, dyslexia, dysorthography, attention deficit, among others.

Vocational and professional Guidance for adolescents (3rd cycle up to the 12th grade)

With the most advanced tests that exist in the Portuguese market, normalized and calibrated for Portugal, thet interests and professional motivations, the cognitive capacities and personality characteristics of the young are evaluated.
With fast response, confidentiality and high reliability.
(€ 200)


Psychological consultation and counselling

How it works

Schedule the first appointment directly with the psychologist of the Social Clinic of Psychology. 

In the first consultation, the doctor will open a medical file and identify the request; in addition, the treatment conditions will be established or the user will be referred to another service, if the problem presented does not fall within the competencies of the Social Clinic of Psychology.

As for the treatment conditions, the doctor will establish the number of appointments to be held if the request entails a psychological assessment and/or the frequency of the psychological or psycho educational counselling.

Counselling consultations are scheduled every month (according to the frequency agreed with the psychologist)..

Price and Method of Payment

The first apoitment costs €45. The following consultations cost €40, except in Social Cases.


Consultations must be cancelled or rescheduled until the day before the appointment, except in cases of emergency or justified impossibility.

Unjustified absences and/or absences which were not communicated in advance, therefore preventing another user on wait-list from being seen by the doctor, will not be reimbursed.


Duration of Consultations

The first consultation and assessment consultations will have a duration of up to 90 minutes.
Follow-up consultations will have a duration of 45 minutes.

Fernanda Craveiro Reis

Vocational guidance tests

Susana Froes

Psychology consultations
(Monday / Tuesday and Tuesday / Wednesday, Thursday and Thursday all day)